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      I am 40 age old, living in the time in Prague (Czech Republic). My first artworks were pencil drawings, charcool pictures, pastels, watercolour, etc. At my 25 i used collages with diferrent materials on canvas and papers. Later i started used more prints with the silkscreen technik. I used photos, different materials on the surfaces and more investigetive technik on printing surface. At 1990 I tried to use for the first time computer in creating my artistic ideas. At first it was Commodore 64, then Amiga 1200 and now from 1995 PC kompatible. My Artworks were presented in magazines "Atlantida", "Pixel", in many art competitions like "Bit.Movie Italia" in years 95,96, "Ars Electronica 95", Bienale "Ex Libris IWA", Bienale "Sapporo 95", Trienale nontraditional Graphics "Prague 95", Bienale  "Ostrava 96, 98" and exhibition "The Union of the Computer Artists Czech Republic 96 and 98". In the year 1998           i participated on the first exhibition WAA on Internet. On computer Amiga I used Real 3D Pro, DPaint, Image FX, scanner, video grabber and other applications. In the present time i use on PC 3D StudioMAX with different PlugIns, Poser, FractalPainter, Painter 3D,Bryce 3D, KPTFilters, Photoshop and more with dependace on creative ideas.


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